Cracked Coastlines and Tattered Times

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A kitten aboard a floating Victoria water lily pad in the Philippines, 1935.Photograph by Alfred T. Palmer, National Geographic Creative

"I believe in God, only I spell it Nature."

- Frank Lloyd Wright (via thecountryfucker)


The very best of The Band from photographer Elliott Landy

(via thecountryfucker)


common loon
photo by NaPix

this is forever one of my favorite loon photos. 

orplid: Sheep - a flock moving to another field through a narrow gate

Exploring the Amazon - National Geographic, 1979




(via Orache Moth by FreezingGlare on deviantART)

gorgeous bby

 it looks like it has a tiny world on its wings, the first photo, an aerial map from above. fucking beautiful.

(via angryangrypandapants)


The folks at Mercedes-Benz hired me to imagine how I’d pack for a road trip in the GLA. I’ve always loved the mountains in Vermont so I figured I’d head there for a fly fishin’ trip with Maddie. For more info check out y’all - #GLApacked

this guy is living the fucking dream. 

Salvador Dali (via)